Studio 11 News

February 3, 2014

Reading, Reading, Reading!

I have completed my assessments of the kids' reading progress. I am very pleased that all students have shown progress in their reading skills. It is my hope that all students make huge leaps this next semester. To help with this I ask that students do a lot of quality of reading at home and that you discuss their reading with them.

Third grade is a huge transition year from learning how to read, to reading to learn. Students must be able to use all their strategies to learn while reading. They need to read multiple texts about the same topic and synthesize what they learned. Very difficult! In class we are going to create collections of articles about topics in which the students can read and learn. Please watch for more information about this to come home.

Oh, Oh, She's Timing Us - It's Graded!

In math we started to have weekly graded timed tests on their basic multiplication and division facts. To meet the standard students are expected to be able to solve a basic fact in 3 seconds. That's 1 minute for 20 problems. Yellow or orange math folders will go home Friday. In these folders you will find the current test, signature sheets (one for division and one for multiplication) and student goals (under the signature sheets). Please go over these with your child and help support them in their efforts to meet their goals. If you want to print out practice sheets, we got them from

Harrisonville Begins!

This month we will really get into a simulation during Social Studies. We call it the city simulation. During this simulation we turn our classroom into the town of Harrisonville. Students will participate in a town hall meeting, will be responsible for introducing bills, debating them and trying to pass them. Then students will have to apply for jobs, will receive a paycheck, pay taxes, and will have to decide how to spend their money (meeting their wants and needs). Soon we will be looking for donations for our classroom store, so look around your home for some gently used items that you might want to donate. It is a very exciting time in Harrisonville!

What's Happening....

All Week: New Guided Reading Groups Starting!

Thursday: Friday Schedule

Friday--Thursday Schedule 80's day!

Early Release @1:20

Happy Valentines Day!

We will be celebrating Valentines Day next Friday. If students are going to bring in Valentines, make sure they bring them for all students. I will attach a list to the e-mail with this newsletter. We will be passing out Valentines during our social Feb. 14th

2:30 – 3:10. Parents are welcomed to come and celebrate with us!