William Penn

By: Jarod Peyton


In these next few paragraphs you will know a lot about William Penn that you probably didn't know before. My first subheading is about what William Penn is known for. The second subheading is about his childhood. The last subheading is about how he was a Quaker. Now if you keep on reading I think you will like all the information I tell you.

Known For

This first subheading I think you'll like a lot, it's about what Mr. William Penn is known for, he was known for a lot of things, so it was very hard to choose witch ones to pick, I think you'll like the ones I picked. William Penn discovered Pennsylvania, and that's mostly why he's so famous. He was the MOST famous colony builder. He, Mr. William Penn also wrote the Charter of Liberties for New Jersey. King Charles II granted him the province of Pennsylvania. He died six years later after he discovered Pennsylvania, I know, it's sod, I know. That is my first paragraph about Mr. William Penn, it was a nice paragraph, I know.

Child Life

This second paragraph is about his child life, now trust me, he had a wealthy childhood, his child hood was a lot different than yours and mine, trust me. He was born on October 14th, 1664.William was born in a VERY wealthy family. Penn was the first of three children, Admiral William Penn, and Margaret Jasper. His mother was very religious and taught him about God. In his early teens, William had a strong religious sense after hearing a meeting about Quaker faith, causing him to start a pursue at a Quaker lifestyle. Now wasn't that a cool paragraph on William Penn's childhood, pretty different ours isn't it.


This last paragraph is about how William Penn was a Quaker. Quakers are christian people, like REALLY christian. He was imprisoned many times for writing and preaching Quakerism.
In 1760 he was arrested at a Quaker meeting and accused for planning a RIOT with another Quaker. His first Quaker encounter was when he was only 10 or 11 years old! This paragraph was about how William Penn was a Quaker, and he did a LOT when he was a Quaker


Well those were some some nice paragraphs with some good information, weren't they? That first subheading was my absolute favorite, how about you? The second subheading was the absolute hardest one to write. The last subheading was pretty decent, it wasn't my favorite. Now you only have the glossary and the sources left.


1. Quaker- A popular name for a member of the religious Society of Friends.
2. Wealthy- Having a lot of money and possessions.
3. Province- An administrative division or unit of a country.
4. Pursue- To follow.
5. Quakerism- The beliefs, principals, and practices of Quakers.

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