Navigation Acts

Pgs 83-85

Navigation Acts and Smuggling

Britain wanted to maintain control of the colonies by enforcing new laws. These laws were inspired by mercantilism which is the idea that the colonies only purpose is to benefit the "Mother Country" (Britain). By this ideology, they created the Navigation Acts which forced the colonies to only export to England and other English colonies.
Some of the Acts include (pg 85):
-Staple Act (1673): Ensured enumerated imports only to England (Mostly Obeyed)
-Hat Act (1732): Prevent export or intercolonial sale of hats (Partially Obeyed)
-Iron Act (1750): Prevent manufacture of finished iron products (Extensively violated)
-Molasses Act (1733): Cut American imports of molasses from French West Indies (Extensively Violated)


The Navigation Acts can be similar to the idea of Imperialism which sought to contain complete control of a specific area for economic purposes.