The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Theme 1

We must show courage when faced with obstacles is one of the themes of The Diary Of Anne Frank. The Van Pels and Franks showed courage many times in the book. One of these times was when Anne showed courage by not being afraid to go into hiding. The book says on page (381) Every time I hear a creak in the house or a step on the street outside, I'm sure there coming for us. The days aren't that bad." I believe that takes lots of courage to say because she is scared but she still fights through it. Also there was a courageous act that Mrs. Van Pel made. Mr. Van Pel wanted to sell her coat her father gave her, but she really didn't want to sell it but she knew they needed money for food so she let her husband get it sold. The book says "my father gave me that! You have know right." (414). But she let him take it anyways. This next reason is a main reason of there courage. Once the Franks and Van Pels were caught, they showed much courage leaving and not freaking out and thinking they could make it through the camp. Here's evidence from the book. "For the past so years we have lived in fear. Now we can live in hope." (433) I believe that takes courage to say when there about to be put in concentration camps.

Theme 2

Friendship goes along way is my next theme of The Diary Of Anne Frank. Friendship goes a long way in The Diary Of Anne Frank. Here are some examples. My first example is when Dussel needs a place to stay and the Franks allow him to stay with them even though they are running low on food. The book says "We can stretch the food a little."(390) Without Mr. Frank Dussel would be caught and put in a camp. My next reason for friendship goes along way is when the Franks also let the Van Pels live with them at the beginning. Mrs. Van Pel says we could never thank you for letting us stay with you. And Mr. Frank says "You don't know how your husband helped me when I came to this country..." (376) I believe without without being helping Mr. Frank when he moved there they wouldn't be alive because they wouldn't have a place to stay. My last reason is without Miep and Mr. Kraeler's help the Franks and Van Pels would be probably in a concentration camp. The book says "Ration books? If they see our names on ration books, they'll know we're here." And it takes a lot of friendship to have someone go and get your supply's when if they get caught they will be put in concentration camps also.

Anne Frank Bio

Anne Frank was born June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany, her parents were Edith and Otto Frank. They went into hidding when her sister Margot got a letter to report to a work camp, in 1942 when Anne was 13. They stayed in the annex for a good 2 years, Anne was a very out going girl, her teacher had a name for her (Ms. Quack Quack). In those 2 years she became close with everybody but special with Peter Van Pel. Till they were arrested in 1944 by green police, she went to a concentration camp and died in 1945 when she was 16 years old.

The Horn

I believe a horn would really show Anne's personality. The reasons are, how talkative and out going she is! To help show how talkative Anne is here is a place in the book that shows, Peter says " I heard about you... How you talk so much in class they called you Mrs. Quack Quack." (383) That is a important to support her being so talkative because they call her Mrs.Quack Quack! For Anne being so out going, I have to places in the book to show that. My first one is when Anne can be to out going. " I'm going to be a famous dancer or singer... Or something wonderful." (383) While messing around she spills her milk on Mrs. Van pels fur coat her father gave her. My other reason of Anne being so out going is a good way. When everyone is expecting no presents for Hanukkah she surprises everybody. "I've got something,", "What is it" Mrs. Frank says "Presents" Anne says. I believe that shows her being out going for doing all that, making everybody happy when she didn't have to.

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