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Last week, we discussed the importance of two-way interactions. These interactions are critical for student success. Please continue to encourage your students to reach out and talk with their teachers. We want to hear from them and you!

This week I wanted to share more information about Google Classroom. All teachers across the district are using Google Classroom as the access point for all instruction, activities, and assignments. Our high school and middle school students are accessing all of their work in Google Classroom whether they are virtual or face to face. Plus, a large portion of our elementary students are or will be accessing their learning materials in Goggle Classroom as well. Therefore, it is important that our parents have some knowledge about how to navigate Google Classroom. However, Google Classroom is a newer learning platform so many parents have not used it which makes it difficult for families to monitor student work.

The video below has GREAT information about how to find information in Goggle Classroom. The key to using this video is to have your students log in to their account, and then you can follow along with the video. Next Friday, I will be announcing some small group parent technology training dates, so stay tuned.

Google Classroom Life Hacks For Students & Parents

High School YellowJacket Swarm to the Challenge

We all know how tough our high school students are. They have tackled the new hybrid schedule with grace, class, and grit. In the face of change, they stepped up and hit a homeroom. We are incredibly proud of all the students, their families, and our staff that have accomplished amazing things in a few short weeks.

Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that about 25% of our juniors and seniors have enrolled in either dual enrollment classes or the Jackson Early College program this semester. These students are taking both high school and college classes. Depending on the program they are enrolled in, they are potentially earning high school and/or college credit before they even graduate high school. The dually enrolled and JCEC students are taking classes just like any college class that post-high school students may take. There is not a "high school" version of the college class. These are tough courses. On top of that, many of these students are also taking Advanced Placement courses, playing sports, and working. We are very proud of the huge challenges these students have taken on, and cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester brings.

JV and Varisty Volleyball Live Streamed Tonight!

We will be live streaming tonight's volleyball matches v. Camden-Frontier. If you want to watch live, click the links below.

Concord HS vs Camden-Frontier JV Volleyball (5:30 pm)

Concord HS vs Camden-Frontier Varsity Volleyball (7:00 pm)

Under current restrictions, each athlete only gets two spectators at the event. Hopefully, those that cannot attend can enjoy as well.

We Have Some Good Humans

This week the middle school cross country team opened their season at home. Both the boys and girls teams ran away with the win on Thursday, September 17th. The wins were incredible, but what was most impressive is the team spirit and support the kids showed each other. As the kids finished their race, they gathered around the final stretch of the course to cheer, chant, and support their fellow racers. It was an incredible display of sportsmanship and just another reason why it is great to be a YellowJacket!!! The middle school team takes on Bronson at Bronson on Monday night.

Please Monitor Your Students for Illness

Keeping everyone in the district healthy and well is a top priority. Below is a letter that was sent to all of our families regarding potential COVID-19 exposure. Right now we are monitoring everyone closely and are asking for you help in keeping an eye on your kids. No further action needs to be taken. Please read the letter carefully and reach out if you have any questions.
Big picture
Big picture

Elementary YellowJacket Trait of the Week

Social-emotional learning addresses the very important skills our students need to be top-notch YellowJackets. The skill for this six weeks is self-awareness. Inside the area of self-awareness, this week's focus area is showing gratitude. Gratitude is being thankful for all of the things

Throughout this week, the elementary school students were given challenges and learning opportunities around self-awareness and being grateful. Above you can see one of the activities. It was the gratitude tree. The students were able to use the leaves to identify things they were grateful for. The grateful YellowJackets of the Week are in the announcements below.

CES Daily Announcements 9 18


The USDA has temporarily extended the Summer Feeding program through December. The Summer Feeding Program provides free meals for our K-12 students. All of our K-12 students can eat breakfast and lunch for free - NO MONEY REQUIRED - for the time being.

Our 100% virtual students will receive their meals for free as well. Pick up for our virtual students will remain on Wednesday from 12-1. Those meals must be preordered using the Preorder Form linked to the newsletter. Further, face to face families wishing to have meals for Wednesday will need to use the Preorder Form as well. Please encourage and remind your child to pick up and bring the food home.

Upcoming Events

9/23 High School SAT (12th graders only)

9/21 HS Picture Day

9/25 HS Picture Day

10/6 ES and MS Picture Day

10/14 HS PSAT (9th-11th graders)

10/16 ES/MS End of the first quarter HS end of the first semester

10/19 No School for Students

11/4 Parent-Teacher Conferences 1:00-7:00 p.m.