Kill the Poor!

why waste money when you can waste the poor?

Benefits of the Cleansing

  1. With the ashes of those who lived in poverty. Our crime and drug abuse related rates will decrease significantly.. due to the fact that those who live in poverty are more susceptible to commit crimes and abuse drugs. 3.7 million of the 48 million who live in poverty in the US were in need of treatment for their substance abuse.
  2. With death, comes life. The corpses of those who have been executed can be of great use; Their organs harvested for those in need of new ones, their bodies experimented on in the name of science, their remains returned to the earth as a form of fertilizer, enriching the planet with nutrients. With the extinction of the poor we will receive a much better looking environment.
  3. Money will be saved with the extermination of the homeless, yes it costs money to "end" them, but it costs more to freely hand out welfare and food stamps to the 47 million of United States residents who receive them. Imagine clean streets filled with wealth and no beggars.