Rowland Media Center, January 2018

Cold, Cold Weather Calls for Warming Up with a Good Book

Ten Reasons Libraries Are Still Better Than the Internet (Banks, 2017)

Excerpted from the American Libraries article :

Libraries are safer information and meeting spaces with no cyberbullying going on. Librarians are leaders in increasing online access to scholarly information. Librarians can help you sort the real news from the fake. Librarians guide you to exactly what you need. Libarians do not track your reading or search history to sell you things. Click on the article above for lots of other reasons! Please encourage your students to get in the library habit!

Why Are Some Books Filed in Buckets in the Media Center?

Why are they there? It's a type of genrification of our collection, whereby I make popular subjects and series more accessible for our students by grouping them together by genre, subject, series, or even characters. It's a book store type of approach. Why do it? It increases circulation. It introduces students to titles that might be harder to find if shelved, such as the Fly Guy non-fiction. It's more user friendly for the students. Please note that our entire collection is not genrified, and we still use the Dewey Decimal System for most of our titles due to space constraints. Questions about where to find titles? Ask!
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Top 10 Sites to Help Students (and us) Check Their Facts (from ISTE)

Do you sometimes wonder if what your read or hear is true? These are sites to check your facts, whether from politicians, social media, or the news media. This includes Snopes, Washington Post Fact Checker, and ProPublica.

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