E Team Newsletter

Week of September 15th


We have completed the Fluency Plan of Math Expressions in math. This is our introductory unit that quickly reviews the multiplication facts 0 - 12. Many students have mastered these facts and are ready to take on the challenge of applying the concepts of Multiplication and Divsion. There are also students who are in need of practice with math facts. Unit 1 will cover applying Multiplication and Division to solve word problems.

In science, we have discussed scientists and their many important roles. We have talked about what it means to observe like a scientist and record only the information that we observe. We have begun our study of Animals and even have live African Dwarf Frogs and Fiddler Crabs in our rooms. They are awesome!

Language Arts

We have completed our 3 part Media Center Orientation and we are good to go! Students will be allowed to trade their library books during homeroom and when their work is completed in the classroom. Students will now be shelving their own books and checking books in and out on their own. Next week we will be attending a Genre Cafe where students will be sampling the different kinds of Genre they can choose from. Mrs. Hudson, our new Media Coordinator, and I hope this will open their minds to some wonderful new books they may not have sampled!

We have begun our Greek Mythology Unit combined with character traits. We began our unit with The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by Aliki and Z is for Zeus, A Greek Mythology Alphabet by Helen L.Wilbur. As we read a myth about Zeus, discussed the different character traits he represented; wise, fair, generous, and strong.

Questions You Can Ask Your Child:

1. What is Greek Mythology?

2. Who is Zeus?

3. What character traits does Zeus represent?

4. How are you like Zeus? How are you different from Zeus?

5. Which mythological character are you most like?

NC Studies Weekly

Students have diligently completed or are close to completing NC Studies Weekly Week 1 and Week 2.

Week 1 - Students understand where NC is in relationship to other parts of the World and United States. Just this week we also looked at the maps and discussed our imaginary journey to Greece.

Week 2 - Students understand the basic geological structure of the land of North Carolina. You could ask your child "Which mountains are older than the Himilaya Mountains?"

Students can also access the NC Studies Weekly on-line at http://www.studiesweekly.com/online/ Their login is glued to the first page of their planner after the blue pages.

Important Dates

September 19th - Great American Opportunities Fundraiser begins

September 26th - Teacher Work Day and Conferences
September 30th - Grandfather Mountain Field Trip - chaperones needed
October 10th - Orchestra at Maiden High School
October 17th - Blackburn Blast - Stop by and see Ms. Ellis and Mrs. Esposito at the BBES Cornhole game
October 30-31st - Teacher Work Days - Conferences
November 11th - Veteran's Day - No School
November 26-28 - Thanksgiving Vacation
December 5th - Box Top Collection
December 22-31 - Winter Break - No School
March 20th - Science Center Field Trip - Chaperones needed
April 22nd - Tossed Away Recycling Play
April/May - Diamond Dell TBD