Paolo Veronese

Marissa Marshall


  • Born as Paolo Calari
  • Born in unknown month of 1528 in Verona Italy
  • Death was in April 09, 1588 in Venice Italy
  • Occupation: Artist specifically a painter
  • Resided in Venice Italy


While In Manua Italy Veronese in 1552 Veronese first saw the art work of Guilio Romano

A person who would become an inspiration to Veronese. Soon after the trip to Manua Paolo Veronese started working on the Ducal Palace.


Veronese received early training in Verona Italy. His teacher was named Antonio Badile
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The Wedding at Cana or The Marriage at Cana

The painting depicts a wedding in Italy. This painting shows how celebrations at the time were celebrated. This painting different from other at the time because it was rather large compared to others along with the painting use of bright colors.

Other Works