Texas Annexed By The United States

BY: Christopher Adame

Manifest Destiny: What Is It?

Manifest Destiny is the belief of ruling an entire continent. This would result in wars and small battles. People believed that they were destined to spread across a continent. This was began when Texas was annexed by the United States.

What is the significance of Texas being annexed by the United States?

Tejano's and Anglo Texan's Point of View

From the Tejano's and Anglo Texan's Point of View, he states that there will be Possible War with Mexico. This is true because Mexico did not recognize Texas Independence from the Treaties of Velasco also, Mexico claimed that the Nueces River was the border between Texas and Mexico, when the real border was the Rio Grande.

American's Point of View

From the American's Point of View, Manifest destiny will increase. This is true because the American's dream of Manifest Destiny is much closer, and it will take them west, but War with Mexico may occur because Mexico owns the land to the west, also Mexico did not want to recognize Texas as part of the United States.

Free Black Texan's Point of View

From the Point of View of the Free Black Texan, he states that there will be Issues with Slavery. This is true because is going to possibly lose his rights/freedom due to Manifest Destiny. Also, Mid-westerners and Northerners, including Free Black Texan, believe that Manifest destiny really means expanding slavery.