If I'm the giver I want to share freedom,holiday,religion

I would like to share in the giver

If I'm the giver I would like to share a freedom of all things that they Want to do in their life because they need freedom like us and they can do what they want in their life if their growing up. I like to share freedom because this is giving me a memory that's make me laugh like if I want to do something in my life that can give me a memory of happy of doing a freedom in my life.a freedom is like if you want to do something for exampl if you want to go to mall or doing something fun that's call freedom and nobody can stop you if you want.


Another that I would like to share if I'm the giver is holiday because in their community there are only have a ceremony of December not like us.i want to share this ceremony of thanks giving because this thanks giving me and my family is complete now and Christmas is my favourite cause I always get my gift and this is my happy moment. I would like for Holiday is birthday too because in Jonas community is sameness but I like birthday to share because I'm celebrating when I'm born in this earht.this holiday is like a symbol of happiness for me


I would like to share religion because in their community they don't have like us. I want to share this because they need to know god that give their life and everything that they have and religion is important to me because I know that Jesus give everything around us that's why I want to say thank you for him.this man is representing that he's in the church to give thanks for the gift that he need and not only gift that the god give you he can give you something like if you need him if your son or brother/sister is sick he can give the medicine for them to feel ok.
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