Travel Agent

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Career Description

A travel agent assists clients with traveling arrangements. This includes helping the client chose and research a destination as well as booking tickets and reservations. They must be great salespeople, have superb computer skills, and be able to communicate effectively.

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Travel Agents Job Description


Although the minimal educational requirement for a travel agent is a high school diploma, it is beneficial for a higher education as well as extensive travel experience. Four-year degrees in foreign language, business, geography, and world history will help a person obtain this job. Marketing and sales classes are also beneficial along with a proficiency with computers.

Universities that are available for eduaction as a travel agent include Arizona State University and the University of Central Florida.

Salary and Benefits

The average starting annual salary for a travel agent is approximately $30,000. Most companies also offer a benefits package which includes health insurance and investment opportunities. There are plenty of openings to advance within a company to increase your salary. Such opportunities include: managers, travel supervisors, hotel specialty services, team leaders, vacation agents, etc. Each advancement supports a salary increase with an increase in benefits, responsibility, and respect.

Travel Agents at Work

Advantages and Dangers

An advantage of becoming a travel agent is recieving huge discounts from hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, and rental companies. Companies try to shower travel agents with perks so that they can go back and tell their clients about their great experience. Glory can also come from recieving praise from customers after their vacation has ended.

Although there are advantages in being a travel agent, there are also dangers, such as selling a terrible vacation package to someone with a powerful upper body and a short temper. Stress is also another con. Travel agents are responsible for keeping up with new traveling information as it develops as well as planning dream vacations or their customers. If they fail to do so, they will lose customers as well as money.