Newton's Laws of Motion

AP Physics 1

Newton's Practice

We always start out each unit with Newton's Practice, you can elect to complete and check with my Key for an extra grade or not. The decision is in your hands. No Practice No extra grade.

Newton's First Law

Professor Anderson gives a great lecture over forces and how they are derived.

Newton's Laws of Motion Notes are attached below.

Lecture Video's

Below you will find the following video's please review and take notes, Professor Anderson's video's will be used until I can finish making my "Learning Glass".
Free body diagrams
Newtons First Law
Newton's Second Law

Assigned Reading

Below you will find the assigned reading for this unit. Please begin to read as soon as possible you will be quizzed over the reading material.

Lab Activities

Newton's Law Song

Newton's Laws of Motion Song

Padlet exit ticket

Go to the link below and leave a misunderstanding or an understanding over Newton's laws. First and Last name along with class period have to be present to get credit.