ACES Summer 2019 Newsletter

All things summer!

Account Information

Update Account

Check to make sure your contact information, payment method, authorized pick-ups (for each child) and your child’s information is up to date. If you need help accessing your account, call the ACES Billing Office at (507) 387-5501.

Authorized Pick-Ups

It is extremely important to include whomever may be picking up your child throughout the summer to your authorized pick-up list. If the adult is not listed as an authorized pick-up, they will not be allowed to pick up your child. ACES staff rely on this information in the case of an emergency!

Lunch Information

ISD77 Food Service will be providing hot lunch for all ACES and Little ACES participants at no additional charge! Lunch calendars will be available at your child's open house, or click the link below to view on the district website.

Field trip bag lunches will be available free of charge to all scheduled children. You may check or update your bag lunch choice at the Open House, or by calling the ACES Billing Office at (507) 387-5501.

Field Trips


Children are required to wear their ACES t-shirt on EVERY field trip they attend! If your child is not wearing their field trip shirt on a scheduled field trip day, a rental shirt will be provided for a $5.00 fee. This year, all ACES sites will have the same field trip t-shirt (color: Heather Sapphire).

Field trip t-shirts will be ready for pick up at your site's Open House.

Please be aware that due to the influx and changes to shirt orders, if you do not receive your shirt at pickup, we will be ordering more shirts!


ACES is committed to providing children with enriching experiences. This does include field trips but will also include enhancing our on-site activities (including visitors and special events) for your child to participate in throughout the summer. Field trips schedules are available on the ACES website.

*All dates and locations are subject to change; additional field trips may also be added.

Summer School

If you have a child who has been recommended to attend a summer school program, be sure to speak with your child's classroom teacher about transportation.

For attendance and accountability purposes, please notify the ACES Billing Office if your child will be participating in summer school. Families of summer school students may also be eligible for a summer school credit.

*Some field trips may interfere with the summer school schedule.


Summer Little ACES Open House & T-Shirt Pick Up

Tuesday, June 11th, 5:30pm

110 Fulton Street

Mankato, MN

Come meet staff, ask questions, and pick-up your child's t-shirt order!

Summer ACES T-Shirt Pick Up

Wednesday, June 12th, 5-5:30pm

Mankato, MN

If you do not need to attend the ACES Open House, you are welcome to pick up your child's summer t-shirt before hand. This will be held at your child's summer ACES location.

Summer ACES Open House

Wednesday, June 12th, 5:30pm

Mankato, MN

ACES Open House will be held at your child's summer ACES location. Come meet staff, ask questions, and pick-up your child's t-shirt order!

ACES Summer Session Begins

Thursday, June 13th, 6:30am

Mankato, MN

ACES and Little ACES summer session begins Thursday, June 13th.

Independance Day Holiday

ACES will be closed Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th in observance of the holiday.

ACES Summer Session Ends

Friday, Aug. 23rd, 6pm

Mankato, MN

ACES and Little ACES summer sessions end on Friday, August 23rd.
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Vacation Requests

Consistent care families will receive a total of five vacation days to use at their discretion. Vacation days must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance to receive credit. Vacation days are not available with a Pick Your Days contract.

Contract Changes

Contract changes and contract withdrawal requests require a 2 week notice. Changes involving additional care dates may be accepted only if space is available. A $15.00 processing fee will be charged to your account for each contract change.

Pick Your Day Contract Updates!

In order to remain in compliance with Department of Human Services guidelines and meet the legal staff to child ratio, ACES is unable to accommodate additional Pick Your Care care options at this time. Families that would like to be added to the waiting list may contact the ACES Billing Office at (507) 387-5501

ACES Billing Office

The ACES Billing Office is open Monday through Thursday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM and Friday's 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM on Friday's during the summer.