Bible Seminar

Want to learn about the Bible?

Its Time to Understand the Bible

Dont know much about the Bible? Come to this Seminar held at Courpus Christi Catholic Church. Here we will teach you everyting you need to know about the Bible . Learn to read the bible , cite the bible, find books andlearn to understand the meaning of the passages

This tuesday at 3

Learn about ancient scriptures , meanings of passages and the purpose of the bible
What is the bible?

What is the petatuch?

What do the Bible passages mean?

Who do I look to for help understanding ?

Our God Is An Awesome God (acoustic)

Did you know???

- The Bible is meant for us Catholics to read it.

-Prayer is key to growing our faith, the bible is not like other books ,it is inspirational.

-Did you know the Bible has a collection of 73 books?

-God uses the Bible to address to us how we should act and live.

-We shouldn't just read the Bible ,we should try to find meaning in it.

-God talks to us through the Bible.