China's Water Pollution

By: Jacob Eilert

Water Scarcity

Freshwater on earth is a needed resource for everybody. If you don't have freshwater you don't survive. Earth is covered in water but only 2% of that is freshwater. That other 98% is salt water. If you can't drink salt water because it has too much salt and if you drink to much then you will become dehydrated. Plus most of that freshwater is in ice-caps or inaccessible. Also most of that 2% is freshwater supply is used for farming and little bits of that 2% is used for household purposes. But another big problem is the population growth in the world. The world population goes up by 80,000,000 per year, because of this high rise of the population mean that more water is being wasted and that we need more of it for them. The water being wasted is from leaking sinks and etc. While the population is grow so is the pollution in water. Our water is being polluted by human and factories from humans. One huge effect on people is that from drinking the dirty water they are getting killed from it. Burning fossils fuels. This could have a major effect on the environment. Also the chemicals are causing global warming, and the effect form global warming is huge storm like thunder storm, floods, and droughts. Also because of all these effects countries are fighting over it.
Big image
This picture is showing a China company poring oil into a river.

Water Pollution in China

Water pollution in China has always been a problem in China but now it's getting worse. It is so bad that one fifth of the water is toxic. This is very bad because around half of the world population (3.5 billion people) are in Asia and that is were all the water pollution is. China is trying to stop the problem by building dams, but the dams cost about 2.45 million dollars for each one.

Effects on the Country

China water pollution effect the country a lot. One effect the the water pollution is that 1 out of 5 people who drink the water will have cancer. Also while China is trying to stop water pollution they are spending lot of money.
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This pictures shows a company that is trying to get China's water pollution crisis under cotrol.

Possible Solutions

For China to stop water pollution they are going to have to do a lot of work. But China also has a billion dollar plan to tackle water pollution. One solution is that China has thought of is borrowing money from organizations that are trying to help get rid of water pollution. Also another plan that they have is to build a dam that cleans the water, but this is going to take billions of dollars.