Figurative Language


The Vacation Mishap

One day the Robinson family was going to Los Angeles California.They had been getting ready all week they even checked the weather.Sally and Jeff were really made because they live in New York and it is going to be a very long drive.When they we ready to leave the realized that the car wouldn’t start.And the kids were bawling.That’s when it all went downhill from there.

After the parents calmed the kids downs the said that they can book a flight for tomorrow.Both the kids said, “Okay.” And Sally had a smile that rivaled the Mona Lisa, when her parents told her that.The next morning they got in their car and it worked so they drove to the airport.When they got to Los Angeles they couldn’t find Sally’s luggage.Sally said “Mom my life is over all my electronics were in there and now it is gone!” They ended up looking for five hours for Sally’s luggage.Jeff said mom, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”So they went and got food. As soon as they started to walk to the restaurant it started raining cats and dogs.So we went back to the hotel and Sally called her friend.Here friend said, “I miss you so much its unbearable.”Then the ended up going back home and their parents friends said, (“The news travels very quickly.”) The mom said, “Why,” because everyone heard about your vacation mishap.

Even though they didn’t have a great vacation it brought them closer together.Even though Sally bite her brother.They still had a good vacation and a good time.


Definition:A passing or casual reference; an incidental mention of something , either directly or by implication.

Example:She had a smile that rivaled the Mona Lisa.

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Definition:The humerus use of a word or a phrase.

Example:I miss you so much its unbearable.

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Personification is in parentheses

Idiom is just balded

Hyperbole is just underlined

Allusion is balded and underlined

Pun is slanted