My Strength Profile

My strengths, learning skills, and work habits --- By: Kevin

My strongest area

My strongest area in learning skills is responsibility. I always attend class regularly and on time, always bring appropriate materials and resources to class, always hand in my homework on time, and act appropriately in class. I always do my best in class and when I got home I also finish my duty as sooner as I can. That's why I think I have a very good responsibility, I response to others and also response to myself.
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My weakest area

My weakest area in learning skills is collaboration. When it comes to group work I don't usually share my idea with others, not because I don’t have any idea, it’s because firstly I have language problem, my English is not so good so sometimes I can’t explain myself clear, people sometimes don’t understand what I’m saying. Second, I usually afraid I’ll get wrong so I don’t tell other people my opinion.

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My work habits & learning skills