NCSU's College Day-Agronomy Flyer

By: Bolutife Dediare

North Carolina State University’s Agronomy Department

Hello, my name is Bolutife and welcome to NCSU Agronomy Department. Welcome to College Day. Today I will be telling about what you will be learning in agronomy. In our world, the population is growing and because of the soil we are still alive. But the people are misusing the soil. The agronomy course at NCSU is trying to fix that.

Weathering Agents (Chemical vs. Mechanical)

First, we will talk about weathering and the difference between chemical and mechanical weathering.

- Chemical weathering is caused by chemical reactions that causes changes in minerals. Two things that cause chemical weathering in rocks is carbon dioxide and oxygen. This also causes rust.

-Mechanical weathering breaks rocks into smaller pieces.

Soil Facts - Soil Composition/Soil Texture/Soil Horizons

As you might know, soil has different layers. In order to have healthy soil, we must have a balanced order of the following things:

-5% of organic matter

-45% of mineral matter

-25% of air and water

The different kinds of soil are: sand, silt, and clay. Soil has five layers:




-parent material


Soil Layers Song

Affects of soil formation

These five things that are listed are affected in soil formation:

-Parent material. This is talking about the living and non-living materials in soil

-Time. Soil takes a long time to form.

-Climate. This is the most important factor because the best place to grow crops is in a cold, dry place

-Relief. This is refering to the landscape position and the slopes that it has. Steep slopes means that the fertile soil will runoff when it rains.

-Organisms. In order to have a lot of healthy soil, we need a balanced ecosystem

Factor of Soil Formation

Remote Sensing and Its Affect on Soil

Remote sensing means the scanning of the earth by satellite. How does it affect soil? Well, we know that remote sensing uses electromagnetic waves to sense things. Up above, NASA uses satellites to scan the Earth. Also, Syngenta helps farmers to learn crop rotation, and other things to keep their fertile soil.

Importance of Soil

The reason why we need soil is because without it, we would have no crops. Without crops, we would have no oxygen or food. Most kinds of food is made from plants. Plants are essential for everyday life. Only 12% of today's soil is suitable for farming. That alone should tell us that we are misusing 88% of our soil on Earth!
Why is soil so important?

Common misuses of soil and the negative consequences

Reason for Misuse of Natural Resources

a)Commercial interests like trading in products out of natural resources.

b) Ignorance on necessity to preserve natural resources.

c) Deliberate negligence on destruction of natural resource.

d) Entertainment / recreational / aesthetic interest.

e) Extreme population pressure.

f) Self interest of human beings over the interest to retain natural resources.

g) International trade and commitments.

h) Misuse of legislation.

i) Loop holes of provisions of law.

j) Protracted legal process.

k) Food interest

l) Luxuries required for man.

m) Increased industrial requirement.

n) Improvement of standard of living, GDP, per capita income and purchasing power.

o) Expectations of instantaneous returns.


Soil stewardship and advances in this field of agronomy

You probaly have realized that we should take more care of the little soil we have on Earth. This is called soil stewardship. We, at NCSU, try to improve the amount of soil on Earth. Remember, we need nature, nature doesn't need us.