Walt Disney

By: Christopher Selleny

Walt Disney's Childhood

He was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. He dropped out of school at a young age and grade 8. To continue his paper route but later sold his paper route to move on.

Walt Disney's accomplishments

  • Walt, on a train ride, develops Mickey Mouse
  • "Steamboat Willie" opens at the Colon Theater in New York. Billed as "the first animated cartoon with sound," it gets rave reviews."
  • The Mickey Mouse Clubs reach a million members.
  • Walt agrees to United Artists' proposal, a $15,000 advance on each cartoon.
  • Disneys disassociate themselves with United Artists.Disneys sign a releasing agreement for shorts and for "Snow White" with RKO.

Walt Disney's challenges he faced

walt disney faced many challenges like his ADHD. And he also had people trying to hold him back.

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