9/11; Just A freak Accident

Well it's like they say, s#@t happens.

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Taking Another Look

There are many conspiracies and skeptics involving the attacks on September 01, 2001, but let's reevaluate two that stand out the most. Where was our defenses? And, how was there so much damage?

When an airplane is hijacked, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is prepared to send fighter jets to debilitate or shoot down the aircraft. On 9/11/ 2001, NORAD generals said they learned of the hijackings in barely any time to prepare their jets. Some believe that NORAD was told to "stand down", because of their lack of presence during the attacks. Therefore, if only one plane is hijacked, the situation is addressed with full aggressiveness in the time span of one Mississippi, so how are three hijacked in the same day with pretty much no response?

Commercial airplanes' frames are designed with a light aluminum material in order to make it more convenient to fly. Theorists maintain their believe that there is and was no possible way an airplane can do as much damage to the Twin Towers as it did. Some go as far s saying that explosives were used to ensure the towers collapsed. Steel versus aluminum, I suppose if you ram a ball of foil against a wrench hard enough it'll obliterate. If you slow down practically any of the videos taken of planes colliding into the two towers, you can see the explosion occurring almost an entire second after the impact. This delay could by a result of combustion, then again it could also be bombs being detonated for dramatic effect.

Who is to blame for this incident? Did terrorists really go this far? Did the American government take their already dishonest tactics to new heights? Either way it goes, the bombing of the World Trade Center was and very much is this country's most tragic event. But was all of it a tragedy or was it part of a well-planned ploy?

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