the cookies for any situation by laura pinon

Can You Not Cookies

You may be wondering what's so great about the can you not cookies? When ever your in a situation where its like no, bye, nope, lets not, can you not you need to take some and devour it into your system. Appropriate uses for the can you not cookies are: "I'm going to study do all my homework" but instead you get on the internet boom power outage no internet TIME FOR A CAN YOU NOT. Tickets for you favorite artist go on sale what do you know SOLD OUT TIME FOR A CAN YOU NOT. When someone uploads a YouTube video and guess what it not available in your country TIME FOR A CAN YOU NOT. Logging in to any social media site and the half minded people that post irrelevant things that just get on your nerves TIME FOR A CAN YOU NOT. And last but not least if their is an attractive male/female that does not live remotely close to you need to buy at least 7 boxes and as fast as you can shove them down your throat and hopefully you will block the air passage thus creating the male/female to fly to you in record time saving your life.....then you fall in love who knew can you not cookies had multiple benefits.

from the creaters of CAN YOU NOT COOKIES


the CAN YOU NOT convention is here! this is for all you can you not loversso that we can get together and tell why they love can you not's. the first people 15 people who get their get 10 boxes of can you not's for FREE! make sure to come out and tell your story we will love to hear it!


Thursday, June 13th 2013 at 2pm

Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs, CA

This is the main convention for the can you not's its because it's a special place. because the main one is in san francisco its because the can you not's were created here and want to make a special anniversary for the cookies

saturday: june 13 2013 at 2:00 at the moscone center room 306

sunday: june 14 2013 at 3:00 at the moscone center room 202

owner and creator: LAURA PINON

The amazing person who created the can you not's, fast remote, ear hearing, heat. the amazing products that have changed the world forever. so many people love the products and i am happy to share my ideas with people. i will creating many more things and cant wait to share! -laura