Newfoundland has long cold winters and short warm summers. It snows a lot in the winter. The summer temperature starts around the middle of June.


Some of the main industries are fishing and mining. The first gold mine opened in Newfoundland in 1903. For centuries fishing was the most important industry.

Enviromental Issues

Cod fishing was once a huge industry but the cod population started to fall fast because of the overfishing. In the past Newfoundland had problems with waste management systems. So the water from peoples taps were often contaminated

Points Of Pride

Newfoundland has two heritage sites L'Anse aux Meadows and Gros Morne. Chunks of icebergs are harvested to make water. The worlds first transatlantic wireless message was sent in 1902 from Cornwall, England to Signal Hill in Newfoundland.


Some common animals are moose, black bears, sea stars and whales. Some common plants are mountain sash and white birch. Some endangered plants are barrens willow sand long braya.
Kayaking with Whales in Newfoundland
Newfoundland winter