Changes to Families in the Last 50 Years.

Past Discipline.

  • Discipline was more physical than it is today. In fact, this is probably the biggest way that discipline has changed over the years. Many years ago children were spanked, slapped, hit, switched, swatted, belted and more to enforce rules and good behavior. Of course, not all families engaged in this type of discipline but most did simply because their parents had disciplined that way and it was just the way things were done.
  • In the past it was also accectable for anyone to discipline a child. If the child was acting out anyone "in charge" of the child at the time could punish them. Authorties include but are not limited to Adults: Parents, Teachers, Other Adults.
  • My dad recalls being punished my his parents close friends. Like if he was over at their house playing with their children. If the children misbehaved while there it was assumed that whoever caught them miss behaving was allowed to punish them.

Disipline Now

  • How you discipline your children is up to you; however the trend now is to not discipline with a physical punishment but to rather take away privileges or send the child to time out.
  • We now have many more "calm" ways to discipline our children.
  • As a parent, it is your job to guide your child's behavior, but it can sometimes be hard to find the right balance of discipline and care. It’s ok to be firm with your child, as long as you communicate your unconditional love for him and explain your reasons. Every family has rules; the trick is to communicate rules and values to your child so he will listen and learn and be able to express his own feelings in a positive way.
  • Like saying take charge of your child while they are young then in their later life they won't be bad...
  • Yeah right, but this is the belief now.
  • I also feel that we have glamorified time out's. First they took place of "beating" a child. Then we took it one step forward and now make time out look like a fun thing. By designing and making the chairs look playful.