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The 2 round B to see if you have "It"

The New Program

This Program, as of right now, is only in Charlotte nc and chapin Sc. This program is still being tested, but when its done it will test the knowledge of the youngest to the oldest kids. This will not be a grade for them its just to see what they know. But they is a reward for if your children win. There are 2 rounds or 2 test, on the first test you can only miss 2 questions, if you miss 2 you still make it to the next one. For the second test you can only miss three to win. There will be three winners and each one gets $100, but the all time winner gets a free school er ship to Dukes zoology program, and gets to go world wide (when we make it that far).

Types of questions

Questions and answers

There are going to be 10 questions on the first test, and 50 questions on the second. But over time we will add another test with 100 questions. The questions rang from Were do you find this animal to fun facts that the kid has to finish.

If you have any questions please email me or my school Duke university. Your child does not have to do it but they do have to do the practice, but if they were not in class they don't. But if they go to school they do.

Duke University

A Former student has made this in his view to spread the word of what hes made.