By: Clare Johnson

Understanding of Biotechnology...

Biotechnology is simply the biological science of genetics, animal cell culture, microbiology, and also cell and molecule biology. This technology is used in many ways, like to grow our food. To make medicines and vaccines to cure diseases. Also we are using biotechnology "to find alternatives to fossil-based fuels" for a cleaner planet.

The role of DNA and how DNA is used in biotechnology

DNA and biotechnology are mostly used to form proteins that aren't normally produced in a cell. The process of DNA in biotechnology is mostly about the activity of DNA in the synthesis of protein. Scientist, by studying more into this process, can change the nature of DNA and the gene make-up and any organism.

Negatives on Biotechnology

Even though biotechnology is great there is still some negativity in the process. One negative impact is the fact that this process is risky. Also this process is not cheap, it costs a lot of money. Also when biotechnology isn't controlled it can mix with natural plants.

Biotechnology rankes

North Carolina's biotechnology rank is number four, while California's national rank is number one. California's rank is number one because they are very specialized in the field of biotechnology. They have more experience, better factories, and a better investment towards this technology. While North Carolina is very good in biotechnology it is still not as specialized as California.

Medical Biotechnology

Medical is used with living cells and certain cells materials. They research and produce pharmaceutical and diagnostic products. These are used to treat and cure peoples diseases. In academic laboratories scientists use special chemicals, tools, and research to create vaccines, pesticides, antibiotics and etc, to treat diseases.