Knights Watch

September 22 - 26

It has been a very busy week... one of those where every day feels like a week. Do you have those?

We will talk more about report cards during PLT meetings this week, but I wanted to give you the latest information:
  • K-2 teachers will utilize the same report card as last year. The difference is that you will mark the Power Standard column in GradeBook. For students who have all 3s and one 2, the Power Standard should be marked as a 2 since the standard has not been mastered. For students in the 1 - 2 range, majority rules. So, if a child has more 1s than 2s, he or she will get a 1 for the Power Standard. GradeBook has not been opened yet, so continue to keep up with grades as you have been.
  • 3-5 teachers will have a report card based on averages. The parents will see a numeric average printed on the report card and correlate the letter grade from a printed scale. Nothing lower than a 60 will be averaged. For now, you will have to use your own system for tracking grades. At the end of the quarter, you will input an average for each of the areas (Math, ELA, Sci, SS, Conduct/Study Skills). All 3-5 report cards will be printed here at school. The biggest thing to remember with this transition is that we are not grading for motivation, we are grading for assessment.

We will begin Dining to the Classics during lunch this week. In addition to the dry run during breakfast, Ms. Abril has worked with all students to practice "music on, voices off." Please talk to your students about this before lunch and help us make this a success.

Melisa has agreed to allow kindergarten students who are not eating breakfast to "pool" in the media center each morning with the kindergarten teacher on duty. We may have some little stragglers in the mornings as these guys acclimate to their new location.

Many thanks to Heather Gregory for planning activities around Dot Day. The displays look great and students seemed to have fun while learning a powerful message.

This weekend, Leane Skroban and some folks from First Baptist Church are coming to clean up our courtyard. If you know anyone or attend First Baptist of Rock Hill, please share our thanks.

Let's have a great week!

This Week:

Morning Duty Folks: Summers, Williams, Faircloth, Bryant, Howe, Gregory


  • MAP continues for grades 3-5


  • Moree at Leadership
  • Wellness Committee meeting at 11am in Nancy's office
  • SIP Meeting: Erin Baker, Kasey Norton, Kathy Baker, Carly Varnadore, Ashley Ghent @ 2:45 in Media Center


  • PLT Meetings in PD room (Report Cards, PST launch, Common Assessments, & Heather Rollings)
  • PTA Lunch & Desserts


  • Moree at OEC Principal's Meeting 11:00 - 1:00


  • Moree back at MG at 10am
  • Knights of the Round Table/Gallant Girls (Small groups. More info soon.) @ 1:45
  • PLC minutes due in Canvas

Coming Up:

30 - Spirit Night at Mario's Pizza from 4-9pm (near Office Depot)


1 - School Board visits MGES from 8:30 - 9:30
7 - K-2 MAP window begins (schedule coming soon)
8 - Late Start
9 - Spirit Night at new McDonald's on Mt. Gallant and Celanese from 5:30 - 7:30pm
13 - District Professional Development Day (More info soon)
16 - Fall Showcase 5-6:30pm
20 - Make-up Picture Day
----- iMatter: Digital Citizenship/Red Ribbon Week begins
21 - Catawba Nuclear Emergency Training
22 - PTA Mega Party
29 - October PLT Day (Moved due to Mega Party)


4 - Election Day - No School!

5 - 7 - Moree in Columbia for Principal Induction

13 - F&P Window opens