10 Carpet Stain Removal Tips


Stains are inevitable when you have a carpet. In fact, sometimes stains seem to creep in especially when the carpet appears spotless and fresh. The cumbersome part is the cleaning of these stains without messing up the carpet. Here are some tips to make this job easy for removal of stains and keeping the carpet crisp and fresh.

1. Test the solution

Before you start cleaning with your solution, make sure you test the solution in some area of the carpet which is hidden under furniture or is ambiguous. This way, you can be devoid of any distortion or discoloration which might be the effect of the solution.

2. Act on stains immediately

It is important that you work on the stained area immediately to minimize the damage to the carpet. The more the stain sits, it sets in and the harder it will be to eradicate the stain and the odor that comes with it. This is necessary in case of stains which are strong and carry stubborn odors.

3. Do not rub stains

Do not rub or scrub over a stain. This will make the strain run deeper into the fiber of the carpet. Apply pressure on the stain for about 30 seconds with an absorbent cloth and repeat the same with a clean section of the cloth until the stain is dried. The technique at work here is the fact that the more liquid absorbed immediately, the better chances for you to get rid of the stain.

4. Stain removing kit

Keep a stain removing kit handy for occurrence of such events. This is meaningful for immediate response for permanently damaging stains and odors. This is most useful when you have children, pets, wine and a carpet!!!! The kit should consists of cleaning cloth, paper towels, spatula, spoon, a dull knife and cleaning agents like vinegar, detergent, ammonia and oil solvent.

5. Clean cloth

A clean white cloth comes handy to blot up the stain and remove excess liquid. The liquid can quickly seep into your carpet. Therefore, to avoid further discoloration and permanency of stains, it is necessary to keep a cloth handy.

6. Rinsing the stain

It is a myth to use warm water to get rid of stains. Warm water enhances the chances of seepage of liquid into the carpet. This ultimately makes it difficult to remove the stains. After you are done dabbing the stain with a white absorbent cloth, dab cool water on the stain to rinse it out of the carpet.

7. Solid stains

Solid stains like wax, gum or nail polish can be removed with the help of a spatula or spoon. Remember to do this gently to scrape off the stain from the carpet and avoid any damage to the fibers.

8. Enzyme Cleaner

This is the best for pet urine stains which can crystallize and give bad odors. The enzyme cleaners are affective in removing even tiny amount of these kinds of stains as they contain live enzymes and bacteria which are instrumental in removing the stains from the core of the carpet fibers.

9. Instruction Manual

Carpets come in variant materials and therefore the kind of material will be the deciding factor in the usage of cleaning solution for removal of stains. The instruction manual will contain the necessary details.

10. Professional Help

In case of doubt, its best to approach a professional for removal of stain. If you have an expensive carpet in your dwelling, it is worth the money spent to call a professional.

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