John's Random Thoughts 4/3/16

9:00 AM

Maybe five years ago @Carll (RBMC Boat Club), @Judy (RBMC Member) and I began pursuing the concept of SmartPhone communications ... into and from the Upper Potomac River (without Internet) DURING HIGH WATER.

Some of you may know that @Michael(RBMCcommunications) and I have been chasing the "Mobile Friendly" concept three years now. That is ... chasing a means to see information on a SmartPhone ... at the River ... without Internet. Oh, you can "do it" now by fooling around expanding and swiping to see everything on your phone screen. What an effort. But that 'ain't' mobile friendly.

It has been a real struggle for @Michael and I. Since I'm personally NOT associated with RBMC I'm not going to speak for @Michael. But in my opinion, it could very well be ... 100% "Mobile Friendly" is impossible because we gather information from so many different sources. My best guess is @Michael and I assemble Upper Potomac information from 134 sources.

@Michael and I are much closer now to 100% and we will keep trying. Saying that we will be "tweaking" dotORG and UpperPotomac all season long. So if you are on the Upper Potomac River ... have a SmartPhone ... no WIFI to use ... just for the heck-of-it ... visit and take a look around.

Your ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

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