Team Hoot Stuff

March 2014

February Top Ten!!!!

This Month we will spotlight the top ten in sales for February. This is from Team Hoot Stuff. I am very proud of all of you and you all worked very hard. Since last month, I will be acknowledging the top 10 in our team newsletter, and the top three will be getting cards, award ribbons, and a small token of my gratitude for their hard work. If you beat me in sales, you will be getting an extra special gift as well. These awards can be achieved by anyone and I want to see all of your names in the top 10.

The February top ten are as follows.....

Darlene Moscone $3,299

Susan Gordon $2,516

Kellie Rico $2,439

Cathy Hanneken $2,305

Michele Fuhrmaneck $2,284

Sara Odzinski $1,989

Margaret Thomas $1,891

Lindsey Biddle $1,834

Ashley Barber $1,805

Stephanie Edge $1,731

Don't forget these numbers are based on Personal Volume.

****Please note that I have a new email address for Team correspondence only. This email is specifically for my Team for any questions you may have. The new email is****

Top Five!!!


Top Five Producing Teams!

Teams of:
Michele Fuhrmaneck $105,119
Susan Gordon $65,054
Amy Blackman $46,451
Jenn Walters $27,518
Heather Smith $22,285

Team Hoot Stuff (Jen Hudnet) Top Five Producing Directs!

Michele Fuhrmaneck $2,284
Stephanie Edge $1,731

Crissy Fabiszak $1,050

Cortney Bower $862

Marijoy and Mimi $838

Congratulations on another amazing month! As a team we did $129,533! Keep up the good work!!