The Giver

Utopia or Dystopia?

Jonas's community thinks they are a utopia.

But Jonas doesn't think like they do and he thinks it is a dystopia. The reason why is he knows about colors and emotion. They decided to shut them off and that made him mad. He starts to think about his friends and he wants them to know about the colors and emotion. But he can't tell his friends that is part of the rules.

The community Jonas lives in is different from the other communities.

Jonas's community is different. Here is one of the reasons his community shut off color. They also release (kill them) if you are a twin, you apply,or break the rules over and over again. Another thing is they want sameness more than other communities. That is why Jonas does not like his community.

Pictures of some of the main characters.

These are only a few of the main characters.

The Giver taught Jonas a lot of things.

One thing he taught him was color. The first color he learned was red and he had already seen it when he was younger. He also learned about war. Terrified him and he started to compare things to war like games. Sunshine and sun burn were taught to him to. It taught him that something that can feel good can have bad after math.