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Quebecs Independence Movement

What has happened in Quebec with their independence movement? Quebec was united to Canada in 1867, The British North American Act. Many French Canadian families had lived in Quebec for hundreds of years, many of them spoke French and used a different culture than the Canadians. The idea to become an independent country spread around slowly. At first, many people living in Quebec didn't feel the need to be a separate country. Later on many of the French Canadians that had become French Nationalists thought of themselves as Quebecois, not really Canadians. Quebec then had changed in many ways. They had a bigger populations that were pushed into farmlands, and the rural people started becoming poor. This was when their lives had changed. Many more of the French Canadians thought that their culture might disappear and many more French Canadians thought Quebec should be independent. In 1980 and 1995 Quebec had a vote about the separation. More people voted to stay with Canada, so unfortunately the people who wanted to be independent didn't get their choice, but this should be a situation for a while in the future to be independent or to stay with Canada.

Where do people live in Canada and why do they live in that location?

Most people in Canada live in Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia! Many people who are deciding where to live, base a lot of their thoughts on the area, the climate, trade, and the natural resources. Most of these provinces live on or near the US and the Canada border and when living on the border with America trade is better and they can get the goods they need,. If the climate is very hot, most people wouldn't want to live there because I'm sure they would get tired of the heat, and same with the cold. A majority of people would prefer mild climate, maybe hot summers and cool winters. If you live near natural resources that is very helpful, you can reach them easily and you wont run out for a while! If they live in a good trading area they can probably receive some of the best most useful items to! Maybe when your deciding where to live, you should think about all of these things!

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Some of Canadas most popular places!

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Canadas Enviormental issues

As we know, acid rain is caused by pollution. So how would the Great Lakes get damaged by Acid Rain? Well, all of the waste that comes from the cities and factories near the Great Lakes, can pollute the water, and this obviously will affect the lakes. Other problems such as coal burning factories, trucks and cars that cause pollution. Another situation is the atmosphere pollutants and toxins that are exposed to the lakes can cause damage as well. To the areas of Canada that are causing this problem here are some solutions to STOP pollution! They can build factories that don't let off pollution, make new laws, and motivate people to take walks and ride bikes to get to there destinations, which combines as a form of exercise, or take the bus. Yes buses can give off pollution but they have 20-30 people on 1 bus causing less pollution than 30 cars on the road.

The mining in the Canadian Shield should come to an end. It damages the land around the mines which is bad for the environment, and it will release harmful chemicals into the air.

What about timber? The timber industrys will usually cut down all of the trees in the area which leaves huge gaps in their forests, heavy machinery make the forest floor compacted which leaves it hard for new plants to grow.