Delaney Lunsford!

All About Me!

My name is Delaney. I'm a competition cheerleader, and I just recently made the varsity cheer-leading team at my high school! Cheer-leading has become my life, and I love competing in front of the huge crowds of screaming fans. Tumbling is also one of my favorite things, and it's incorporated into my competitions!

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More About Me!

I attend Locust Grove High School, and I am currently in 10th grade. My favorite subject in school is science, without a doubt, and I aspire to be a general surgeon, or a trauma surgeon! I'm taking this course to hopefully better prepare myself for my future in the medical field, and my expectations for this course is to pass, and be able to teach others about the wonders of the human body! I've never been a part of an online class, so this is totally new for me! My favorite books are the "Maximum Ride" series, they are truly amazing! I would love to have the honor of going to Emory University!