WVA Family Update


Note from WVA Staff

New WVA Students

We are so excited to have you join our WVA family! If you have not yet received a welcome email with instructions, please email wvaprincipal@mywps.org and we will get you set up!

Students wishing to attend WVA in 2021-2022

All students will be enrolled in their homeschool for the 2021-2022 school year. If you wish to have your child attend WVA, you will need to choose WVA in your OLR during registration.

Secondary Attendance Form

Students in 6-12th grade, please make sure you are filling out this attendance form daily.

High School Students


To view your first semester grades, use the steps below to log into Infinite Campus:

Go to www.mywps.org then Online Apps then Infinite Campus (parent).

Choose Campus Student

Username is first part of your WPS student email (before @)

Password is your regular WPS password

Go to Documents. Scroll down past your schedules. Your transcript should be at the very bottom.

(A dash means you did not earn credit for that class. If any of your first semester classes are completely missing from your first semester transcript or you notice any other problems, please send a screenshot and a description of the problem to Ms. Walsh, our WVA counselor, at twalsh@mywps.org.)

From the Counseling Department

Please click the file below to view all of the upcoming information for 6th-12th Grade!

High School Tutoring opportunities

Please click on the file below for tutoring opportunities

WVA Senior Countdown to Graduation Below!

Steps for Online Registration- Click on the document below!

Notes from the WPS Future Center

  • Did you know that the Westminster Public Schools Future Center has a Youtube channel? Click here to visit their page and have access to some amazing guest speakers and videos to help with your future planning!
  • For access to the WPS Future Center Facebook page click here.

  • High schoolers! If you have any questions about your career plans or next steps for college, please set up a time to meet with us! We can help you find a job, apply for apprenticeships beginning as early as 10th grade, apply for college or financial aid, and even take college classes while you are still in high school! You can set up a time to meet with us using this Calendly Link!
  • Here is our Future Center Website
  • Students in grades 9-11 will be preparing for updating their four-year course plans in March! Activities include learning how to use the course catalog and update the four-year plan, ways to earn college credit in high school, internships, apprenticeship programs, and more!
  • 12th graders will be completing activities on interviewing and the job application process. Seniors have been invited to schedule their required Senior Interview with a Future Center Counselor. Please encourage your student to schedule a time if they haven't already. Appointments can be scheduled by clicking HERE! Seniors should also email the Future Center with proof that they are taking action on their plan
  • Below are the Live workshops and guest speakers! Emails will come from the future center on Mondays with the links you will need
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Financial Aid


* MSU Foundation, March 1 Application
* FRCC Foundation, March 1 Application
* Westminster 7:10 Rotary, April 2 Application

To view more scholarships CLICK HERE!


Do you need help completing your FAFSA at any time of the day or night? The Virtual FAFSA Wizard is here for you! This tool will take you step-by-step through the entire FAFSA application. Just open this website on a separate phone, tablet, or laptop, and >CLICK START< If you get stuck at any time, please make sure you save your progress and email the Future Center futurecenter@westminsterpublicschools.org or call 303-657-3929.


The Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA) is the application for students who do not have lawful immigration status and who do not meet the qualifications listed above are also encouraged to apply. Students who are eligible for Federal Title IV aid by completing the FAFSA should not complete the CAFSA. CLICK HERE to learn & apply!

EARN & LEARN - 10 & 11 Grade, HIRING HUB

Attention 10th and 11th graders! To apply, have students click on “I’m A Student” on the CareerwiseColorado.org website and then begin creating a Profile. Students will need to submit a resume. They can use this one as a starting point.

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Free and Reduced lunch applications

If you have not already done so this year, please complete the free and reduced lunch application. All Westminster Public Schools families including Remote Learning families are highly encouraged to complete an online free or reduced-price meal application each year. The results of the application not only help run and maintain the Nutrition Services department but it also helps determine funding for other numerous academic programs, like:

  • · Technology rebates. A program that helps ensure that schools can obtain high-speed Internet access and telecommunications at affordable rates.
  • · Title I. This program’s funds are intended to support student achievement and growth at the school level.

Online applications are the fastest and easiest way to apply for meal benefits.

You may apply at https://www.nlappscloud.com/ and check the status of your application at https://admin.nlappscloud.com/statuslookup?sAPIKey=2baaecd0-b5fd-4f9b-b5ca-a63500f903d7 .

Join Math Club!

Hello, lovely human beings! Do you like FUN?! Do you like FACTS?!?! Then join Ms. Theberge for the Fun Fact Friday Math Club via this Zoom Link, starting Friday, March 5th! We will explore puzzles, games and, as always, a different Fun Fact Friday EVERY WEEK! There will also be weekly drawings for $5 Starbucks gift cards at the end of each meeting.🎉🌈✨ Awesome!! ✨🌈🎉All middle and high school students are welcome to attend. Please fill out this Google Form to let me know what times you can make it. Thank you and see you March 5th! ✌

Art For Fun Club

WVA 6 - 12th graders looking for a creative outlet:

Join WVA Art Club Thursdays from 3 - 4 pm on Zoom!

· Art Club Zoom: https://tinyurl.com/wva-art-club

Meeting ID: 945 2021 4714

Passcode: WVA2020

Fill out the Art Club Form to sign up for our email list (must be logged in with school account to access):

· Art Club Form: https://tinyurl.com/wva-sign-up

Mini Art Show

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Centerstage Auditions for Highschool

CenterStage is pleased to announce they are holding auditions for Little Shop of Horrors on Monday, March 1st and Tuesday March 2nd. Please contact Ms Donaldson at kdonaldson@mywps.org for the details.

Flag football information below

Fist Bump Sunday!

Our teachers want to recognize their students for all the amazing things they do in class everyday!

Bumps to Kenia S (pod 6-1) for always showing up prepared and read for class!

Janne R Pod 7-6 for helping other students with the work in Social Studies

Sarah C pod 7-6 for working hard to get caught up

Bumps to Hilary D. for taking the time out of her day to come to my office hours to help translate for other students.

Bumps to Camiel P. (Pod 6-6) for tutoring another student in Zoom so they could pass their Point of View makeup test with flying colors.

Bumps to Santiago G. (Pod 6-6) for always doing his best and going above and beyond on all of his assignments.

Angelik - always being on time to Zoom and completing her work!

Anderson B. for doing your writing during Zoom. Nice job! Mrs. Hufford

Mindy - completing her work on time every week!

Pod 7-4 for always being patient in the mornings with Social Studies

Fist bumps to Jasmine A for communicating with teachers during challenging obstacles and showing a fighting spirit.

Bumps to Ashley D for communicating with teachers during challenges and showing strength and maturity.

Bumps to Apes for constant perseverance in academics, even when it's challenging.

Bumps to Elizabeth L for turning a passion for art into success in ELA learning targets.

Bumps to Adan M for constant and relentless depth of thinking.

Bumps to Reina for finding joy in safety for her family.

Yaretzi-having a great attitude and always being nice to others.

Breaslain's Period 5 for making Zoom so much fun!

Bumps to Juan I. for asking for help and getting work done!

Bumps to Aaliyah V. for being absolutely on fire this semester in literacy!

Bumps to Justin D. for his continued excellence with his PBL topic and research!

Bumps to Kaitlin S. for pushing herself and requesting additional challenges.

Bumps to Thalia C. for jumping back in this semester and making progress!

Bumps to Nestor O. for turning in all of his literacy assignments week after week and for the kindness he extends to his classmates on Zoom!

Bumps to Ana F (pod 6-1) for translating for a new student who was in the wrong pod!!

Bumps to Kenia S (pod 6-1) for helping another student catch up in literacy during WIN! Thanks for being so kind!

Bumps to Luis H.D (pod 6-1) for staying on top of his work!! Thanks for working together so well!

AriaJune C. for working so hard on hearing sounds in Empower and Zoom class this week! Your doing so well with reading! Mrs. H

Bumps to Julissa B. for being super engaged this week!

Bumps to Elias V. I can tell you are working so hard!

Pablo M. for working so hard for Mrs. Klipka, Mrs. Kellenburger and Ms. Laschinger on his birthday!

Justine A. - showing up with a "can do" attitude bright and early every day

Bumps to Hayden and Emiliano O. for working hard in Art!

Bumps to Samuel and Melanie for working hard in Art!

Bumps to Ellie and Dezmon for working hard in Art!

Bumps to Skylar and Rosabella for working hard in Art!

Bumps to Lennon and Emiliano M.T. for working hard in Art!

Bumps to Abel and Margaret for working hard in Art!

Bumps to Anthony B. and Makenzie for working hard in Art!

Bumps to Diego R. and Chloe for working hard in Art.

Bumps to Yeshua and Karen for working hard in Art!

Bumps to Rosabella and Skylar for working hard in Art!

Bumps to Emiliano M for always being eager to learn and encouraging his other classmates!

Camila pod 7-4 for always interacting I enjoy you chatting in zoom

Robert G Pod 7-4 for making huge strides in Social Studies

Eva M pod 7-5 for always having her camera on

Mic'Kayla J Pod 7-5 for an amazing Storyboard that on Ancient Greece Governments

Efrain G Pod 7-5 for having great focus this week in Social Studies

Jaden J Pod 7-1 for continuing to push himself

Maddy H pod 7-2 for rocking it this semester!

Bumps to Adalynn B. for always stepping up in her 6th Grade Literacy class and helping out when needed.

Bumps to AJ for being ONE target away from leveling up in ELA!

Bumps to Matthew B (pod 7-1) for speaking up during class this week! Yay!!

Mayson Pod 2 for coming for extra help! Way to go.

Lilie L. Pod 1 for improving attendance and work. go girl!

Adrian for being ONE learning target away from leveling up in ELA!

Alondra for leveling up in ELA!

Bri V for working so tirelessly and so continuously to submit excellent work!

Damian for working so hard in ELA, and making such a great comeback plan despite challenges!

Ayddon L. for working so hard on improving his reading skills.

Aaliyah P. for always having a positive attitude with her learning. de

Melody Rose M. for giving 100% every day.

Michael C. for working hard and learning the six different syllable types.

WVA Staff Spot Light

We asked our community to nominate staff members who have gone above and beyond! I will feature 1 per week!

This week Daisy Patty Borras was nominated this week:

  • I would like to thank Ms.Borras for all that she does, for her help and time. I would like for her to know she is appreciated for all that she has done. Thank you

Congrats Daisy Patty Borras! We are so lucky to have you at WVA!

WVA Staff Member Nomination

If there is a staff member at WVA that has gone above and beyond for your student or family, please nominate them below. We would love to celebrate staff who are doing amazing things for our community! To recommend someone please click here.

WPS Virtual Band Sign Up

To get more information on the WPS Virtual Band, please click on the file below.

To Sign up use this link!

5th and 6th Grade Passport Program

Because of the interest in the program, the registration period for the 5th and 6th Grade Passport has been extended through the end of February.

The Passport Program is the best way to get students on the slopes! With 3-4 days of skiing at 21 participating ski areas, the Passport is dedicated to getting Colorado's kids on the slopes.

While weekends and holidays are not available with the Passport this season, we believe the Passport is a great product for your students to enjoy on teacher in-service days and over Spring Break.

5th Grade Educators: Please forward this link to your 5th Grade Families.

6th Grade Educators: Please forward this link to your 6th Grade Families.

FAQs: For FAQ’s and answers to most questions about the 5th and 6th Grade Program, click here.

WPS Student Meal Distribution

Drive through meal pick up is available for all children 18 and under, children do not need to be present and identification is not required. Meals may be picked up at any location, all children are welcome regardless of where they live or attend school.

There is drive through meal distribution at the following sites from 10:00 am - 11:30 am:

  • Westminster High School
  • Ranum
  • Shaw
  • CSLA
  • Swim and Fitness (3290 W 76th)
  • Westminster Rec Center on 104th

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