TechCamp 2015

The “Unconference” Model

June 30, 2015



Professional Development that YOU decide!

The “unconference” model allows teachers to gather together and help each other learn. This is not a sit ‘n’ git conference with predetermined sessions, or a listen to the session about something you’ll never use.

Learn together!

How about this instead: think about something that you just don’t have time to learn throughout the year (creating Mimio lessons, for example), then being with others that could work and learn together, sharing expertise or knowledge to accomplish the task.


HS Business Education Classroom

How does it work?

We’ll meet in the Business Education classroom, discuss what people would like to learn about, then branch off into work groups. There are no sessions to sign up for. Just come with something you want to learn more about....
Can I come for two sessions?

Yes, you decide how long you want to work.

Can I use this for points?

Yes - you can put this towards either points (1/2 point for 1/2 day or stay all day for 1 point) or the 1/2 day of inservice in August before school resumes.

Please RSVP!

Not required to attend, but please let me know if you are even thinking about coming!