No Teacher Left Behind

EDU 650 Ashley Sibley


It isn't easy being a public school teacher. The long hours of hard back-breaking work are never appreciated by those of us in the real world. Teachers have long been overworked, underpaid and greatly under appreciated. Among the challenges facing today's educators is the increasing pressure to produce results. Results in the public school system are increasingly measured by standardized test results. Many educators are faced with the unappealing prospect of actually doing the job that the tax-payers have hired them to do; teach their students. So I think teachers should be paid more, plus have access to more workshop and other tools to keep them updated with new strategies to teach these students along with passing their standardized tests.


Teachers should use "what works" in a particular situation or environment. When data support the success of a practice, it is referred to as a research-based practice or scientifically based practice. As good consumers of information, we must keep in mind that a particular practice that has worked for someone within a given set of variables may or may not yield the same results across educational environments.


I think teachers should have to stay up to date on tests just as students do. I think they should take the test on their on time just for practice and tips to teach their students. Educators must prepare students to perform satisfactorily on high stakes tests.

How well are teachers being prepared for ISTE standards?

To be effective, technology certification for educators needs to be part of formal education policy and a required element of school and teacher evaluations.Educators need a system of technology training and certification. I think the teacher are being prepared as much as the district allows the training and different workshops. Bringing in smart boards and other technology was a plus because the teacher can teach using a huge visual and also other things that goes along with the smart board. Teachers plan and design effective learning environments and experiences supported by technology. Teacher technology standards identify essential skills teachers need for effective use of computers and other electronic equipment in schools today. Linking technology skills assessments to licensing requirements helps ensure that teachers have the skills to support and guide students and to increase student learning using technology.