South Carolina

Myrtle Beach

South Carolina Activities

South Carolina has a lot of great activities. But, the best by far are: Myrtle Waves, Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, and Broadway at the beach. All three are deeply recommended and should definitely be checked out. South Carolina is a great place to visit!
Spring Break 2016: Myrtle Beach

Best Place to go in U.S.

Why I Went

I was in Myrtle Beach when my brother, Jonathan, was playing in the Cal Ripkin baseball tournament.It was great because I went everywhere. I strongly encourage for you to do the same!
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There are so many cool attractions, stores, things to buy, and places to eat. -Madison T.

You can't be bored there, so much to see and do! -Sam S.

Best place we went by far. -Jonathan C.