Wanted: Perry Smith

Crime: Murder of the Clutter Family

Physical Description

Suspect was injured in a motorcycle wreck and has chunky, dwarfish legs. He has few but elaborate tattoos that includes but is not limited to: the word 'cookie' on his right bicep, a blue-furred, orange-eyed, red-fanged tiger on his left bicep, a snake coiled around a dagger going up his arm.



Both of his parents are dead. He is a former member of the Merchant Marines. His sister lives in California but has cut ties with him while he was in jail previously.

Previous Crimes

  • killed a black boy pg.68
  • wrote bad checks
  • robbery
  • violating probation

Clutter Family Murder

Sunday, Nov. 15th 1959 at 2:45am

Holcomb, KS, United States

Holcomb, KS

Perry is thought to be the culprit of a horrendous murder in Holcomb, KY. Smith entered through the unlocked kitchen door while the family was sleeping. Victims were found bound and gagged in various locations throughout the house. Unsure if Smith was working alone or with an accomplice.