Mrs. Schluter Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 2nd, 2017

Week at a Glance:

In Math:

This week we are continuing practice adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals with and without rounding. This week will start discussing Financial Literacy. We will talk about budgets, taxes, gross and net incomes. The students will be researching a job they want to do when they are older and will have to find the annual salary. We will then create a monthly budge based on their annual salary, accounting for income, taxes, and expense.

In Science:

We will be wrapping up our Matter Unit. We have covered Physical Properties, Classifying Matter, Mixtures & Solutions, States of Matter, and Physical Changes. This week we will be reviewing for our end of unit test that will be on Thursday, October 5th.

General Classroom News:

Please remember to use Sign Up Genius to sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences. You will be meeting with Ms. Ferrier and myself. You will only need to sign up for one time. We look forward to meeting with you

Important Links:

Quizlet for Science vocabulary words.

This is the same login for their spelling and reading vocaubulary. Their login is: Username: meunicorn2016 password:unicorn5. They can log on and do flash cards and play games to study. This is can be accessed from your PC, MAC, iPad, smart phone, etc.

Your student can also log onto,, to work on their math. Their username is nb+lunch their lunch number (omitting the + sign when logging in.) Their password is their lunch number.

Important Dates to Know:

Our first field trip for the year will be on October 18th. We will be joining NBISD schools at Canyon High School's Performing Arts Center (PAC) for a symphony concert

Report Cards will go out electronically on October 25th.

Seele Stampede

Seele Elementary School’s PTA Fundraiser will be Friday, November 3rd

From the Seele Office:

NBISD’s Community Education Department is currently registering children and adults for the two fall sessions. Your child can stay after school at select campuses and take tennis or karate. Interested adults can take yoga in the evenings at the Ninth Grade Center. Other off-site classes available to elementary students include music, singing, dance and gymnastics all for a nominal fee. View the full catalog online at or call 830-643-5729. Register today!