Edu on Tour 2016 | Brazil

Let's SHIFT education! | 01.11.-13.12.2016

Are you ready to build the future? Let's discover new realities in education! The future of learning, working and living.

Superheroes wanted! We invite you to take part of Edu on Tour 2016: Brazil. Join a group of conscious leaders that take on the challenge to experience the future of education. Edu on Tour is a self-organized leadership program of 6 weeks within a real life environment. This year we invite experienced and epic makers and doers to become partners for a global joint venture.

Queremos super-heróis! Participe do Edu on Tour 2016: Brazil. Junte-se a um grupo de líderes conscientes que assumem o desafio de aprender o futuro de educação. Edu on Tour é um programa de liderança com duração de 6 semanas, desenvolvido em ambiente de interação de vida real.

Edu on Tour Brazil 2014

What is in Edu on Tour Brazil 2016 for you?

  • An opportunity of a lifetime - be part of a group exploring transformative schools and education projects.
  • Collaborate with leaders and reality creators around the world
  • Learn to shift your local education community with the support of global experts and knowledge from the tour.
  • Do all that while meeting the most innovative education projects, schools, learning environments, thought leaders and initiatives in the Brazilian education system.
  • Be part of building a global movement & community in transforming education.

So what is our intention with this Edu on Tour?

Since 2011 more than 160 education activists have been involved. We have organized and mobilized together local communities and social fields from Brazil to Bangladesh, from Belgium to Kenya, from Egypt to Australia.

We have been prototyping Edu on Tour in multiple regions: Austria, Northern Europe and Brazil (2013, 2014). We’ve also initiated and run more than 40 Education Hackathons all around the world and we have been setting up SOLEspace for working and living together.

This year we are ready to share our learning and network with educational activists who are passionate about transformation of the education system. Let’s bring all our potential together and let’s go global!

Are you ready? We create a deep impact.

Our challenge: We build up a global open business organization for raising consciousness in our society.

Our mission: We tell new stories about a better society that is evolving.

Self-organized Tour Program: Edu on Tour 2016


4 weeks | October 1st - October 30th

Focus: Online preparation of participants, tour planning and virtual collaboration

Experience: Research and planning of tour, setting up of communication channels, common vision building and social media campaign; OPTION: collective crowdfunding campaign

Execution and Traveling (Nov. 1st - Dec. 13th)
1st week | November 1st - Education Activist Boot Camp;

Focus: Setting the foundations for an open business organization; Vision Quest and Team Building; Getting familiar with our Education (R)evlution toolbox

Experience: Leadership Training; Getting to know tools for transformation; Getting an overview and insights about the Brazilian social and political situation; Discovering Alternative Education movement in Brazil and South America

2nd - 5th week; Traveling through Brazil

Focus: Participants travel in groups of 3 and fulfill missions while learn to self-organize and to adapt to an unknown and changing environment

Experience: Visiting initiaves and making interviews; Collecting and sharing stories; Developing projects with schools and social entrepreneurs; Co-creating innovative education solutions; Following a self-organized process of community living and traveling; Working on joint business challenges and creating services and tools

6th week | December 6th - Celebration of our outcome;

Focus: Materializing and creating tangible outputs. Building up a movement and celebrating the launch of an open business organization.

Experience: Production of content for videos, book, blog,...; Harvesting and reflection; Celebration; Launching a global community of practice in Alternative Education with international connection and exchange.

Who should join?

  • Pioneers, designers and artists in discovering new paths
  • IT Geeks and communication gurus
  • Biz wizards, Social entrepreneurs with soul and spirit
  • Early adopters of the shift and the transformation in education
  • Pinky and Brain
  • Changemakers, Educators and Group Facilitators
  • Learners of all ages with a vivid curiosity
  • Leaders with strong faith in the human potential

Investment and Biz Opportunity

The leadership program is free of charge for people who join want to become owners and partners. Expenses for travel, accommodation and food need to be covered by the participants and can be an investement for the future. Participants agree to co-create and participate in a collaborative business activities.

What are our goals?

  • Support local education initiatives and activists
  • Exchange knowledge, stories, tools, methods & skills around the topic of transformational learning.
  • Experience new forms of learning, working and living.
  • Promote alternative ways of education for the general public
  • Gain skills on how to trigger systemic change

FAQs -

Why Edu on tour? (

In our opinion our current educational system doesn’t support a healthy environment neither for children nor teachers. Instead of creating an environment of curiosity, creativity, playfulness and willingness to learn it enables the opposite.

We promote environments which help kids to fully develop their potential, to follow their passion and live up to a natural human behavior.

What is Edu on Tour?
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Who are we? Contact us!

presente! is a creative think & do tank for building up communities of practice in education and for social innovation worldwid. We foster local collaboration with like-minded individuals and education initiatives, create awareness within the general public and share our learnings globally. The NGO of our collective is located in Austria.