My Canadian Teen Culture

Core Values

  • Anglican
  • Family
  • Friends
My family believes in religion as we go to church (pictured beside, Trinity Anglican Church) as much as we can. Our religion is Anglican and we believe that helps us make the right decision. My close relatives play a very important role in my life. We are a close family that loves and supports each other. My friends are also very important to me. They are a big influence on my life.


  • Cell Phone
  • TV
  • Pets
  • Ipad
A cell phone is very important to a Canadian teenager. I use my phone to communicate with my family and friends. My phone is how I stay in contact with the world around me. I no longer speak on a telephone I receive instant results when I use my phone. I no longer spend time watching television I use my iPad to watch my shows and gain access to the internet. Pets are an important part of family life.


  • Social Media (Instagram, Twitter , Facebook and Youtube)
  • Text messaging
  • Slang (Brb, lol, omg etc.)
  • English/French
Social media is an instant source of communication between family and friends. Most teenagers no longer wait to hear about stories about things that have happened when we can have the stories told instantly on social media. The English vocabulary has been replaced by teenagers slang. When we text back and forth we don't use full words, we shorten everything that is possible. Instant answers are received almost as soon as we ask the questions. Canada is a bilingual speaking country. I speak English at home and I learn French at school.

Customs and Traditions

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Halloween
  • Cottage Christmas
  • July 1st
My family celebrates many traditions from Christmas , Easter, Halloween to Birthday Celebrations and are very own cottage Christmas. One of my favorite traditions is July 1st or Canada Day. My family comes together, we have a big barbecue , fireworks and celebrate being a Canadian.