Ways to have a healthy relationship

Natalie 7A1

1. Trust them

If you kept checking on them, he/she will think that you are not trusting them. But don't mistake this as care for them. Of course once for a while you' ll check on them. Just don't check on them every 5 minutes..

2. Show your devotion toward this relationship

'Say I love you' sometimes, care for them, make them food (that work for me), show them something to make them see that you care about this relationship,

3. Be empathy

If they are hurt, be there to cheer them on. Understand what they are going through. Maybe buy them some snacks, watch movies together.

4. Get alone with their family and friends

Obviously you don't want to start wars every time you see his/her friends and family. You don't have to best friend with them. But getting alone with their family and friends with earn you some points in his/her eyes.

5. Think before you act

If you are through a strong emotion situation, be calm first. Think clearly about the emotion. Then act. Because most of the time, you are over-react.