Door County, Wisconsin

By: Dylan Miller

Relative Location

Located on the peninsula in Wisconsin which is in the northeastern part of Wisconsin.

P.C. Junction

Train-themed restaurant located in Bailey's Harbor. There are a lot of train items on the walls and if you sit at the bar, a train will bring you your food. This affects people in the area because this is an attraction that is very unique and attracts a lot of people.

Cana Island Lighthouse

This lighthouse has been around for close to 140 years. It is also a museum on the lower level. This is very unique because not only is it a historic lighthouse/museum, you can also climb up the 97 steps and go to the top of the lighthouse and be able to walk around it and look out at the water. When you get to the top there is also a tour guide person who talks to you about the actual light and then also obviously the lighthouse. This affects the area because people love going there based on when I was there, the parking lot was packed.

Viking Grill

Located in Ellison Bay. It is a great family restaurant. Most known for and is unique for it's fish boil. The fish boil contains white fish, red potatoes, white onions, salt, and water. Towards the end when everything is almost all cooked they light a flame that envelops the whole container. It looks pretty cool. It affects the people around because it is very popular and is located in the center of a town, that then gets a lot of visitors because of the Viking Grill.