Bangladesh Poor Working Conditions

A violation of human rights



Garment workers demanding higher wages in Bangladesh


Dangerous working conditions

The photos shown above are all of similar cases of fires in factories. The photos on the left and right was of a factory fire in 2013. The photo in the middle is of a factory fire in 1911. The factory fire in 2013 killed "212 workers", the factory fire in 1911 killed "146 workers". The two incidents are nearly a century apart from eachother yet they both are extremely similar. The photo to the left is very powerful because it shows the feet of the dead worker and protesters standing near the corpses. The photo to the right shows the amount of bodies lined up making the news about the fire very real. The bodies are countless and show the amount of lives that were taken that day due to neglegence of the factory workers. The photo in the middle shows the few bodies from the fire and although the time settings are different, they all come from the same cause, inhumane working conditions in factories.



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Inhumane, Dangerous, Neglected, Abusive, Cruel

The words shown throughout the flyer represent the conditions of the factories in Bangladesh. The way the workers were treated was inhumane. They extremely low wages for the amount of hours they worked and had poor living conditions in the slums. The working conditions were dangerous as well because of the fires and building collapses that have happened throughout the year. Many workers lost their lives in the dangerous fire and building collapses. The workers are often neglected because the factory owners and managers do not care for the conditions of the working place but the amount of supply they can ship out in a short amount of time (NY times). The way the workers are treated is abusive because they do not get their pay on time, they are caged in their seats and are forced to work for the little money they get at the end of the day. The working conditions are cruel and harsh on the young women that work in garment factories.

The Future

I think that China's industry will not get better anytime soon but will improve in the later future when more people recognize the issue. Because China's economy depends on factories and exporting to foreign companies, that also means that they depend on the women working overtime and low wage. Because the British economy has since been less dependent on factories, China might have a chance to rely their economy elsewhere but for the time being, they are going to be the way they always have been. I expect more chinese workers getting more rights over time and they will get better wages because more people are starting to recognize the issue like Amnesty and other human right group supporters.