The Cupcake Queen


Book Jacket Summary

Penny, 14 years old, has high hopes of her divorced parents getting back together. She and her mother make a move from New York City to Hog's Hollow. Penny's mom opens a cupcake bakery shop in the town of which she once won Hog Hollow's Queen while she was in high school. Penny was made fun of a bullied for a while at the new school, but before long, she made two great friends and when she was given the option to stay or move back to NYC with her dad, she stayed "home" in Hog's Hollow.

Quotes* Quotes* Quotes

"Grape people are artistic and like to be alone a lot."
- Blake (Penny's friend)

"Try to make the best of it."
- Penny's Mother

''It takes 6 steps to make a cupcake, but only 1 step to eat one''
- Penny's aunt, Lisa

''Nothing is more romantic than sharing a cup with someone you love''
- Penny's mother

'' Come with me and we will see if a cupcake will make the world a better place''
- one of Penny's customers, Betty

Notice and Note

Aha Moment! The aha moment was when Penny realized her friend was dating the guy she liked.

Tough Question- The tough question was when Penny asked herself if this is really happening, when the guy she likes asked out one of her best friends.

Memory Moment- The memory moment was when Penny and her mom closed down the cupcake shop. She looked back and visioned all the good memories that she and her mom had in the shop.


The theme of the book was mostly set on relationships. There were relationships between family members, friendships, and romantic relationships.
The family relationships involved Penny, her parents, and Gram. These relationships were based on divorce.

Friendships between Penny and kids at her new school, Tally and Blake. Other school relationships included bullying.

Romantic relationship with the boy Penny had a crush on, Marcus.

This story symbolized the importance of family, friends, and relationships of each. Being of good character and getting through tough situations is just what Penny was about.

This book is told in the first person point of view, by the main character, Penny. If this book were told by another character, the reader may not be able to connect with Penny as much as you are when reading it as is. The story is told in a present and past form; present being while Penny and her mom live in Hog's Hollow, and the past being told from when she lived in New York City.


2B: Character Word List
Penny*Girl*Daughter*14 Years Old*Granddaughter*Lived in NYC*Main Character*Named from The Beatles*Hopeful*Divorced Parents*Sketches cupcake designs*Eager*Imaginative*Lives with Gram*Moved to small town*Loves art galleries*Loves cafes*Trusting*Stylish*Pleasing*BoyCrazy*Loves NYC*Expecting*Decorative*Sensitive*Trustful*Loves NYC busy streets*Bullied*Harassed*Very artistic*Loves arts and crafts*Creates new designs for cupcakes*Makes her designs reality*Teenager*Creative*Likes Boys*

5D: Song List
1. Family Portrait by P!NK
2. Wonderful by Everclear
3. Mockingbird by Eminem
4. I Wanna Go Home by Michael Buble
5. Home is Where the Heart is by Lady Antebellum
6. Mean by Taylor Swift
7. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera
8. Invisible by Hunter Hayes

8C: Dress as a Character