Aerobics 4th Semester

Jordan Dickens

Hip Hop Line Dance

~the happy line dance original video:

~our happy line dance video:

~did you know that DJ Grandmaster Flash invented the first DJ mixer and wrote and performed the fist rap? (his picture shown here)

~here is some evidence of hip hop dance throughout history

Energy Drinks

Teens and energy drinks are a bad combo. Many of the buyers of energy drinks are teens. Energy drinks can lead to insomnia, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, and digestive problems in teens. It can also cause teens’ heart to race, which make them lose sleep and decrease academic success. Most energy drinks contain caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and camitine. According to the federal government, energy drinks are a dietary supplement. You can easily overdose on your daily caffeine intake by simply having a couple of these drinks. The drinks such as Monster or 5 Hour Energy can be very similar and different at the same time. For example, 5 hour energy has 2 fl oz while Monster has 8 fl oz, but Monster still has more sugar per fl oz. It’s all a matter of looking at the labels.