Nord's Newsletter

March 9-12, 2015

Civic Center

As you know, Friday we took a trip downtown to see the Metal Art Scrap show at the Civic Center. We had the BEST seats ever, Webster had the first 4 rows from the stage. The performers from British Columbia, played amazing on their metal scrap art and shared how their instruments were made. The 5 musicians beat on their drums for full hour and it was quite entertaining. I myself, love watching and listening to percussion instruments in marching band so this show was right up my alley. The kids did so well on our trip, and I know they enjoyed it as well. Several times in the afternoon, I'd hear pencils taping on students' desks and chairs, ha. Maybe this performance will inspire some of the students to play the drums in band.


Finish up determining importance.


We will review money and time concepts this week. When we come back from spring break, we will start Unit 8. This unit is about money, reinforcing counting and exchanging coin amounts, the dollar is introduced and hundreds in place value will be introduced as well.

Social Studies

The students will wrap up their Symbols of America group project and then present their learning on Wednesday.

Ms. Ploeger

Starting on Monday, Ms. Kati Ploeger will be student teaching in our classroom for the next few weeks. She will be learning with us until May 8th. She is coming to us from teaching 5th graders at Rolling Green.

Giving Tree

During conferences, I had my Giving Tree outside my door. Thank you for those who took a post-it with an item on it and are donating back to the classroom. If you didn't see the tree and would like to help out, here are a few things in need; 2-packages of large popsicle craft sticks, 2-packages of mini-clothespins, 2-packages of clothespins, and 5 bottles of liquid glue.

THANKS so Much!!

Science Night

Science Night is around the corner on Thursday, March 26th. The first grade team will be doing a couple of activities with families. We are in need of your help. Please save any empty toilet or paper towels rolls for us. Save what you can in a sack and have your child bring them to school the week after spring break.

Thanks in advance!!

Weekly Schedule

Monday: Guidance & Computer Lab
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Library
Friday: NO SCHOOL~Spring Break begins!!!
**With no classes on Friday, I wish for you a spring break filled with family time, relaxation, and fun!**