Things that are recent in my life

By: Michael Wright

Personal Life

I have one sister that is 17 years old. She was home schooled because she was bullied when she got into high school. My parents are divorced, and they have been for a while. My favorite hobbies are soccer and running. I have only been playing soccer for four years and I have made varsity for the high school soccer team. I also like running because it is another sport that keeps me active. I do not like to do sprints but if I have to I will. When I run I prefer to run no less than two miles unless if I am in a time crunch then I will only run a mile.

Christmas Break

I got to miss the last day of school for a soccer training camp that lasted 2 days, It was very enjoyable. Other than the training camp, I was honestly really lazy I only ran a total of 8 miles during break. On Christmas I got to spend half of the day with my dad and the other half with my mom. When I was with my dad, we only had breakfast and lunch, then we just sat around and talked for a few hours. When I was at my moms house, we just had dinner then we sat around and talked to each other for a while. On Christmas Eve, my dad and I got to see my grandparents from my dad's side of the family. We just sat at their house and talked for a while, but it was good to see them again.

My Future

Whenever I get older I would like to go over seas and play soccer for a pro club, but most people don't get to do that. If I don't go pro then I would love to be a civil engineer. I would like to be a civil engineer because I love building things and being up high in the air.
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