Spanish American War

By: Ashlee, Nora, Keke, and Majesty

The Coming of the War

The Spanish were treating the Cubans very bad they were also putting them in concentration camps. That caught American journalist attention so they started to write articles about what was going on in Cuba and they used yellow journalism to catch people attention. Americans started to pressure Mckinley to do something about what was going on. Mckinley put the USS Maine on the coast of Cuba as an escape for Americans who are living in Cuba. Somebody in Spain wrote a letter talking about how Mckinley is stupid and basically talking bad about him. An American journalist found it and published it in his newspaper. 6 days after that letter was published the letter the USS Maine blew up . The US thought that the spanish blew it up so they declared war on them but now we know that it blew up because it had engine problems.

Battles of The Spanish-American War

On February fifteenth the US battleship, Maine was destroyed. This happened between nine and ten o’clock in the night. 266 people were killed. On February 21st the United States Senate ordered an investigation on the Maine. On April 10th Consul General Lee leaves Cuba. On April 15th the the army was ordered to mobilize. On April 18th congress votes against cuban recognition. On April 21st president McKinley cables our ultimatum to Spain and demanded a reply by April 23rd.

On April 24th, the spanish declared war on the United States that gazetted in Madrid. Congress then the next day, passed a resolution declaring that a state war had been existing since April 21st. The following day, April 26th, volunteers began to recruit in New York City. On April 29th the Spanish squadron sails from Cape Verd for the West Indies. On May 1st, Commodore Dewey’s squadron destroyed the spanish fleet that was taking place in Manila.

On May 12th, The Spanish Cape Verd fleet arrived at Fort de France, Martinique. The Spanish fleet leaves Curacao on May 15th. On June 11th four americans are killed at Caimanera in a fight with Spain. Two days later McKinley signs the war tax bill. On June 24th, sixteen americans were killed and forty were wounded, in pushing the Spanish soldiers at Santiago. On June 28th the president puts a blockade in Cuba from Cape Frances to Cape Cruz. The president on July 7th signed the Hawaiian annexation resolution. A few days later the yellow fever spread throughout General Shafter’s army. On July 18th seven American ships destroyed seven of the Spanish ships.

On July 30th McKinley agreed to end the war with Spain. The following day Spain and the United States met in Malate. The spanish lost that day. This left eleven American soldiers killed and 44 people were wounded. On August 10th the United States took control of Mayaguez, this led the spanish to a major loss, 2 americans were killed and 40 were left wounded. On August 12th the war ended.

Opposition to The Spanish American War

Not everyone was supportive of the war. Some people were looking at the war the wrong way. Yes, it is true that people would be wounded, or killed. The anti-imperialists do not want the war because they feel that the war could cause problems between other countries, and unlike imperialists they did not want to expand their influences. They simply wanted to keep to themselves. People like Henry Teller believed in Anti Imperialism. He also wrote the Teller Amendment that stated once the United States finished the war they would leave Cuba and return back home.

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