Reliable Sources

What Should You Know?

What to consider when analyzing sources?

Who is the author?

-Is the author listed?

-Are they well-known?

-What are their qualifications?

Date information was published

-Is the information current?

-When was the source last updated?

Is the source bias?

-Would information be skewed because of a sources background, objectives, or beliefs?

Is there marketing material or adds on the page?

General Truths

What should you trust and not trust regarding research?


  • Government websites
  • Academic Journals

Don't Trust!

  • Media and/or news websites that may be bias.
  • Wikipedia or other collaborative non-academic web sites
  • Any page that is poorly organized, missing copyright information, or an author.

What Does it All Mean?

Identifying Websites by Their Ending

Good Resources
.edu - educational website (
.gov - government operated website (

Use with Caution
.com - commercial website/advertising (
.org - typically run by a non-profit organization (
.net - network (